A Penguin with a Difference

by John Welsford

Penguins pop up in all sorts of places, at least here in the South of New Zealand where Penguins preside and Polar Bears are but a figment of a Northern explorers imagination. But this Penguin is something really different. My friend Andrew Fink wanted to move house.  The factory in which he and his crew build boats had become too small and Andrew had built a brand new modern factory next to His Brothers ( Tristram Boats, fibreglass speedboats) factory in Hamilton not too far from where I live.

The new factory is just that, a modern industrial building with a small showroom , all cement, tinted glass and steel roller doors and he needed something to identify the place with the building of wooden boats.

Andrew and Fleur have been friends for a long time, and although we work in quite different areas of boating, they know my work and one or other of them came up with the idea of a boat as a counter and reception desk, they looked at what I had and selected Penguin as the basis for the structure, and I duly handed over a set of plans, we discussed the size and shape, deciding that the “boat” could be to scale lengthwise and 1 ½ x in the beam and away they went.

Well, the factory is in full production now, the showroom full of boatie bits and the counter in place. Andrew sent these pix over by email and I just had to go and have a look. Its stunning, and a wonderful advert for the companies boatbuilding abilities.

John Welsford

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