The Small Wooden Craft Symposium

by Dick Lemke

Here are some photos of various boats that were on display in mid-August in Saginaw, Michigan. The small wooden craft symposium was sponsored by the Great Lakes Small Craft Assoc., Saginaw County Parks, and Gougeon Brothers - makers of W.E.S.T. System epoxy. Although a rather small turnout, (weather called for everything but snow that day) those that were there showed a very nice example of "artwork" as well as woodworking.

Sorry but I wasn't able to get details on the boats - or their builders.

Since I am "into" the radio controlled boats, it looks like next year they may expand the areas and include some of our little boats as well.

A Bolger 'Queen Mab'; a 7 foot sailboat, foot steered,
and unique mast raising/lowering idea.
(click thumbnails to enlarge)

A Greenland style of strip kayak

Sailing Kayak detail on how they attach the sail to the mast.

Miscellaneous photos of other craft there - some that defy descriptions

A beautiful AuSable River Float Boat

And a excellent restoration of a 4 cylinder plywood run-about.