by Dave Gray

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These visual instructions will show you how to construct a high aspect, sprit boomed, Marconi-type PolySail. Such sails are often used on catamarans, racing sailboats, and sailboards (with a wishbone boom, instead of the sprit boom). With the given dimensions, this sail could be used on several Bolger designs, including the Brick, Cartopper, Elegant Punt, Gypsy, June Bug, Ruben’s Nymph, Surf, Sweet Pea, and Teal. While you would sacrifice some sail area, this sail would allow you to move the center of effort forward, perhaps resulting in more weather helm.

To construct this sail, use a 10’ x 20’ white PolySail Kit. You might need extra grommets if you don’t plan to sew on the batten pockets. You definitely will need a package of the Industrial Strength White Velcro for this project.

We interrupt the construction of this sail to show you how to make a V-Dart in polytarp. The V-Dart can either be sewn or taped down.

We now resume the sail construction diagrams: